About overseas order

When Shipping?

We will ship your ordered items 3-weeks later usually.
Because we will make accessories made to order.

Shipping fee

Shipping fee is 2,000YEN

Payment Method

credit cart visacredit card mastercredit card JCBcredit card amexcredit card diners
Please pay by credit-card.
VISA / MasterCard / JCB / AMEX

How to order

Please order by shopping cart looking this guide.

EMS Track & Trace

logo ems
We tell you EMS item number when I have send out the product. You can track & trace item this page. Japan Post EMS

Delivery Area

-We will cost 3weeks for making accessories made to order.
Area Country Delivery Days
Asia India 3weeks+4days
Indonesia 3weeks+5days
Vietnam 3weeks+7days
Korea 3weeks+3days
Singapore 3weeks+2days
Sri Lanka 3weeks+3days
Thailand 3weeks+3days
Taiwan 3weeks+2days
China 3weeks+3days
Hong Kong 3weeks+2days
Pakistan 3weeks+6days
Bangladesh 3weeks+9days
The Philippines 3weeks+2days
Malaysia 3weeks+3days
Oceania Austraria 3weeks+4days
New Zealand 3weeks+4days
North America Canada 3weeks+4days
USA 3weeks+3days
Mexico 3weeks+5days
The Middle East United Arab Emirates 3weeks+5days
Israel 3weeks+6days
Iran 3weeks+5days
Saudi Arabia 3weeks+7days
Turkey 3weeks+6days
Europe Italy 3weeks+5days
UK 3weeks+3days
Austria 3weeks+3days
The Netherlands 3weeks+2days
Switzerland 3weeks+3days
Sweden 3weeks+4days
Spain 3weeks+4days
Denmark 3weeks+3days
Germany 3weeks+3days
Hungary 3weeks+3days
Finland 3weeks+3days
France 3weeks+3days
Belgium 3weeks+5days
Poland 3weeks+4days
Russia 3weeks+5days
Africa Egypt 3weeks+6days
Ghana 3weeks+4days
South America Argentina 3weeks+4days
Brazil 3weeks+5days
Peru 3weeks+4days
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